Shaira Mae Gali

No words to describe how grateful I am to the dedicated staff of the PALS Team. 💛 Not only do they help you through lectures and tests but they go the extra mile by always talking to you and encouraging you. To anyone looking for a good review center for IELTS, I highly recommend PALS!

Aubrey Cabañog II

I would like to commend the whole PALS team for being very determined in pushing their reviewees to be diligent in studying and reviewing IELTS. Even in my busy schedule, they tried to assist me all the way so I can successfully pass the exam. I attended their webinar classes because I am working in tight schedules here in UAE. Their staffs and lecturers are very approachable and respond fast to my queries. I owe a part of my success to you. Thank you and God bless! I hope you can help more people to achieve their goals in the near future.

Victor Vincent Cadena Abacahin

PALS is not just your ordinary review center simply because you will experience that you are not just a reviewee but rather you are part of a family. Ms Jewel was very accommodating, she also constantly followed up my progress. Teacher Dette is the best! She helped me overcome my weakness and prepared me to pass OET. thank you also to Ms Shine who even pray for my success! Classrooms are very condusive for learning!

Michelle Abad

Definitely the best review center for IELTS and OET test takers! Through the guidance of competent and dedicated mentors/staffs that will help you hone your skills by maximizing your potentials and overcoming your weaknesses in achieving a higher band score for each skills. Also, from group discussions to intensive trainings, you'll certainly attain the best quality service. Not having to mention PALS provides a conducive classroom where you'll meet warm, genuine and enthusiastic classmates whom have turned into friends. Kudos to everyone behind this team. Our heartfelt gratitude. More power and God bless PALS !💖💯 -Michelle and Aaron 🤩

Libby Vanvie

I reckoned this is the best teaching facility for people aspiring to pass either IELTS or OET. The approach in teaching is individualized coz of different weakneses. A family whom you can turn to and a safe haven for all the stress. I highly recommend this facility for top quality teachers, convenient environment and amiable students& staff. I have almost given up my dream since i failed many times yet they did not lose their hopes on me. Come and experience it yourself! 😘😍💕💕